"Arctic culture centre" in Hammerfest completed

The new Arctic culture centre in Hammerfest, the world’s northernmost town, designed by a-lab architects was completed this month. The building, which is used as a venue for art, cultural events and conferences, is visible from both land and sea and constitutes a total area of approx. 9000 square metres.
The project is part of the bigger seafront development with the goal to provide the city’s harbour area with new public functions. Important aspects of the design were accessibility and openness. The complex features various compact “units” which create in-between spaces with different degrees of public access. These areas, inside and outside, as well as the Arctic Arena, an outdoor auditorium under the cantilevered Culture School and Administration facilities, connect the Culture Centre to the City,  
The Centre is the first building on the Findus seafront development site and will encourage further development in the area. ­
The official opening is scheduled for January 2009.
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