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Architecture for Rural Living
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German / English
Publishing date: August, 2021
Author: Wolfgang Bachmann, Sandra Hofmeister, Heide Wessely
Format: flexcover - 24,0 x 30,0
ISBN: 9783955535544
Edition: 1
Publishing Company: Sandra Hofmeister
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Single family houses and construction details

Many people dream of having their own house with a garden. Although land consumption and resource consumption have been criticized, having one's own home in the country is a promise of free space and a life according to one's personal ideas. However, most houses are built without the help of an architect, as testified by the unpredictable urban outskirts.

In this book, 26 exemplary single-family houses are presented, from the organization of the floor plan to the structural detail. It shows how the house is embedded in its surroundings, how regional building traditions are reinterpreted and materials are used in unusual ways, or how extensions and renovations help to meet today's economic and ecological living requirements. (306 pages)

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