Bauhaus University of Weimar erects zero-carbon cinema pavilion

Congresses and cultural events can also be managed on a zero-carbon basis. But not all organisers go so far as the Bauhaus University of Weimar did with its campus cinema project. A team of students under the guidance of Professors Jürgen Ruth and Rainer Gumpp erected a cinema pavilion there in which all the energy required for construction and ongoing operations is generated by the building itself.
The frame for the thirteen-metre long “Screenhouse.solar” is hyperboloid in shape and made from wooden struts bolted together. The outer skin is a PVC-coated polyester membrane fitted to the inside of the support frame. Six membranes fitted with thin-film solar cells generate the required energy. Half of these cells (12.9 m2 of solar cells, peak output 420 watt) are fixed firmly onto the structure itself; the other half are positioned on a hill next to the pavilion, where they can be adjusted to the sun´s track.
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