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Book package „Bauhaus“

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This package includes the following titles: Our Bauhaus Heritage, My Bauhaus.

My Bauhaus. 100 Architects on the 100th Anniversary of a Myth

In this book, 100 architects from around the world share their personal views on the Bauhaus. In short texts accompanied by photos or sketches, they describe what they associate with this avant-garde school, how the Bauhaus is relevant to them personally, and the aspects they consider to be “typical Bauhaus”.

16 x 23,5 cm
ISBN: 9783955534516
German / English
Sandra Hofmeister


Our Bauhaus Heritage

Throughout the book, 10 international authors explore the question of whether and where Bauhaus has left its mark on contemporary architectural events. Its political legacy of modernity is as much a focus in their essays as the significance of Bauhaus ideals for a commercialised and globalised construction industry.

Fotoessay von Friederike von Rauch. Texte von Aaron Betsky, Kenneth Frampton, Raquel Franklin, Anna Ramos, Hilde Strobl, Philip Ursprung und andere.
22 x 16,5 cm
ISBN: 9783955534820
German / English
Sandra Hofmeister

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