Building Simulation Saves Time and Money

Visualisierung: Bentley Systems

The multi-purpose arena in Dubai designed by architecture office Populous covers an area of over 46,000m2 and has a capacity of 20,000. ASGC was tasked with the 4D construction planning and scheduling. To create the visual blueprint as a communication platform for all the project stakeholders, the company used Bentley Systems’ Synchro Pro software. With this and the data from the local project team, each work step on the construction site was able to be simulated, the material flow tracked and controlled, and the logistics and safety concept on the construction site managed. The final 4D BIM documentation includes all project documents received during the contract period, including pricing and performance information (RFIs), conflict reports and logs. Thanks to the Synchro Pro simulations, the time spent in weekly construction progress meetings was able to be reduced from 3 hours to 45 minutes, with the site team saving approximately 544 hours of work time. The construction and delivery time for the steel structure was also shortened by about two weeks. The hall was opened as planned in 2019.

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