"C_42": Citroen Flagship Showroom in Paris

The new Citroën showroom designed by Manuelle Gautrand will be at number 42 Champs Elysées; Citroën have owned the site since André Citroën set up shop there in the 1920s. His original showroom was beautiful, the interior was extremely theatrical, and the glass rectangle façade beautifully proportioned, very minimalist and contemporary.

On street level, the glass façade will be minimalist and demonstrate a certain rigour with its flatness and use of large rectangles, but the introduction of the chevron will signal the start of some much more original design, with lozenge shapes, triangles and chevrons. The higher up the building one looks, the more three-dimensional it will become with the introduction of prisms that will bring new depths to the design. Finally, the top section of the new building will be like a great glass sculpture, recalling origami in its complexity. The chevron will remain present yet discreet, becoming less defined and more suggested in the overall form, and almost subliminal, in this exciting project, midway between a building and a fine art sculpture.
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