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DETAIL 4.2023

Materials, Surfaces
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German / English
Publishing date: April, 2023
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From the Editorial DETAIL 4.2023

Truth to Materials

Anyone who follows the debates on building materials in architecture inevitably encounters the term "material justice". This refers to the relationship of individual materials to their appropriate tasks and application scenarios. At present, the discussion about material justice is determined by many aspects that were not up for debate 100 years ago. The energy consumption of buildings, the life cycle of materials and their gray energy are fixed parameters for an architecture that takes responsibility in climate issues.
Not every material scores in this regard, like wood as a renewable resource. Concrete also makes sense on a case-by-case basis, especially with regard to energy consumption and the climate region of the building. Overall, it is crucial that energy and material concepts are carefully coordinated and take concrete requirements and uses into account.

For this issue, our editor Julia Liese has compiled current projects made of wood and reinforced concrete, brick and corten steel - the climate data are documented in each case as well. And as different as the materials and surfaces of the selected buildings are, as versatile are their construction solutions.


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