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DETAIL 7/8.2022

Urban Green
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German / English
Publishing date: July, 2022
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From the Editorial DETAIL 7/8.2022

The Tree, My Roommate

One of the most zealous custodians of Hundertwasser’s legacy today is the Milanese archi­tect Stefano Boeri. In an in-depth interview in this issue of Detail, he speaks about his “vertical forests” and why he sees them as just one element in a diverse network of green spaces needed to support biodiversity.

Our selection of projects related to green cities shows the diverse forms that green buildings can take. In Leeds, Heatherwick Studio created a green oasis for patients with cancer in an otherwise dreary hospital environment. Sou Fujimoto’s hotel extension in Maebashi, Japan, is intended for a very different target group yet serves a similar function in the city­scape. In Osaka, Tomohiro Hata gave “tree tenants” plenty of space on the terraces of a single-family home. And in Eindhoven, Stefano Boeri and Inbo have proven you can create a habitat for trees, shrubs, and perennials with the limited budget of a social housing project. Meanwhile, MIA Design Studio and Atelier du Pont show how plants can enhance and bring calm work environments with their new office buildings in Ho Chi Minh City and Paris.

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