Deutsches Bergbaumuseum - German Mining Museum in Bochum

Architects: Benthem Crouwel

The extension of the German Mining Museum in the city of Bochum – is meant to be visually reminiscent of the coal once extracted in the region. Dubbed the “Black Diamond”, it was designed by the Amsterdam architects Benthem Crouwel.
In the extension to the German Mining Museum, one can recognize features typical of modern Dutch architecture. Pragmatic and refreshing, it reveals a number of surprising effects achieved with relatively modest means.
As a result, the circulation routes are currently the most memorable internal spaces in the museum. All that can change, however, when special exhibitions are held here.
The bright coloration extends to the floors, stairs, walls and soffits, while the actual display spaces are largely sober and functional.
Viewed from the outside, this dark cubic structure, which is linked to the main building by two enclosed bridges, represents a section through a mine, while the access routes, in a bold orange colour, have the form of mining galleries.
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