Eastern Europe goes green: "Build Green CEE"

On April 15 and 16, 2010, Budapest will be the venue of this year’s „Build Green CEE“ congress. The event, which is organized in collaboration with the region’s Green Building council, aims to provide a broad overview of recent developments in sustainable construction in Central and Eastern Europe.
The Central East European region will account for the majority of new construction in Europe and will require extensive energy efficient retrofits of its existing built environment. According to the event organisers, “Build Green CEE: Energy Efficient and Ecological Design for the Region” will explore the improving business case for eco-efficient design and sustainable construction in an environment of rising energy prices, more stringent building codes, newly available technology and growing environmental concern.

The congress seeks to answer the following questions:
  • What are the trends in the emerging green building industries of Central and Eastern Europe?
  • What are the green building technologies and solutions most relevant to significant projection of new construction and renovating of the region?
  • How is the World Green Building Council and national Green Building Councils transforming the construction and real estate industry throughout the region?

Experts from the region’s Green Building Councils (GBCs) will provide updates on their respective countries including a current market update, important legislation, building and professional certification initiatives and facilitate a business exchange session to introduce green building solution providers to relevant contacts. The Green Building Councils are non-profit, non-political, member-supported organizations dedicated to transforming our construction and real estate industries toward greater energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Build Green CEE will include both workshops intended for GBC staff and workshops for companies interested in the activities of the GBCs. Topics covered include:
  • Market briefings for sustainable construction activity for CEE countries
  • Subsidies, preferential financing, and other incentives for green building
  • The established green standards and certifications
  • Innovations in green design, materials, and technologies.
  • Current and upcoming legislation driving sustainable construction
The event will also include an informal event – set in a café style - to facilitate new business relationships, potential members and the exchange of ideas.

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