"Global Award for Sustainable Architecture" in Helsinki

Exhibition catalogue:
Sustainable Design. Towards a New Ethic in Architecture and Town Planning. Marie-Hélène Contal, Jana Revedin. Birkhäuser 2009, 179 pages.
The award was created in 2006 by Jana Revedin, architect, professor, president of the LOCUS Fund, advised by a scientific committee and international experts, in order to foster worldwide debate on architecture. It is now supported by the LOCUS Fund and its actions are disseminated by the Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine / Institut français d’architecture, Paris, the producer of the exhibition.
The exhibition presents projects by:
  • Stefan Behnisch (Germany)
  • Balkrishna Doshi (India)
  • Françoise-Hélène Jourda (France)
  • Hermann Kaufmann (Austria)
  • Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu (China)
  • Fabrizio Carola (Italy)
  • Elemental/Alejandro Aravena (Chile)
  • Rural Studio/Andrew Freear (Alabama, USA)
  • Philippe Samyn (Belgium)
  • Carin Smuts (South Africa)
  • Construire/Patrick Bouchain, Loïc Julienne (France)
  • Thomas Herzog (Germany)
  • Bijoy Jain (India)
  • Diébédo Francis Kéré (Burkina Faso/Germany)
  • Sami Rintala (Norway)
The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture is granted annually to five architects who share the ethic of sustainable development and have constructed an innovative and ecological approach, whether in the West or in the emerging countries, in developed cities or on behalf of the planet’s most vulnerable populations. The purpose is to create a community of highly talented architects, to publicise their approach and to stimulate the exchange of experience between North and South. This exhibition displays the work of the fifteen winners of the first three editions of the award.
Until November 21, the Museum of FInnish Architecture in Helsinki is showing the exhibition „Global Award for Sustainable Architecture“. It features projects from the last 3 editions of the award.
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