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Hotel near Reutte

Architects: Oskar Leo Kaufmann und Albert Rüf, A–Dornbirn
Structural engineering: Mader & Flatz, A–Bregenz (Carcass structure), Merz Kley Partner, A–Dornbirn (Timber construction)

1:3000 Site plan
1:750 Floor plans
1:750 Sections
1:50 Horizontal sections
1:50 Vertical sections
1:20 Horizontal sections
1:20 Vertical sections
All the rooms were prefabricated in modular form by a timber building firm in the Bregenz Forest. On completion of the carcass structure, the 96 spatial cells were loaded on to lorries, transported to Tyrol and hoisted into position by crane within a period of ten days. The facade panels, and the soffit slabs and wall cladding in the long central corridors were assembled on site. Parallel operations on two sites plus the fact that the room modules could be produced independently of weather conditions meant a considerable reduction of the construction time. In addition, prefabrication facilitated a manufacturing quality that would not have been possible for the same price with manual labour on site.

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