Ice-Skating and Minigolf Hall in Bergheim

Forming part of a larger leisure complex, this new hall houses a minigolf course in summer and an ice-skating rink in winter. Drawn over the facade is a polyester-fabric covering. Together with the wooden soffit grid beneath the large roof light, this serves to diffuse the incoming daylight and to eliminate glare.

The laminated timber roof beams, spanning the width of the 20 ? 40-metre hall, are supported on a grid of hinged columns with inpidual cross-braced bays. The timber soffit grille was left in a sawn state and has a high moisture-absorbing capacity. With the heat of the sun and artificial lighting, plus ventilation, this helps to avoid secondary condensation in winter and keeps the structure free of mildew. Architects:
mfgarchitekten, Graz
Project architects:
Friedrich Moßhammer, Michael Grobbauer
Structural Engineer:
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