Jean Nouvel wins Pritzker Prize 2008

Pritzker Prize, Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel was announced to be the Pritzker Prize Laureate of 2008. The prize, which includes 100.000 US-Dollars and a bronze medal, is annually awarded by the Hyatt Foundation. The 62 year-old French architect will officially receive the highest architectural honor on June 2nd, 2008 in Washington D.C..

Here is a list of the most outstanding buildings among over 200 works done by Jean Nouvel:
- L’Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in Paris, 1987
- The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, 1994
- The Galeries Lafayette in Berlin, 1996
- The Cultural and Conference Center in Lucerne, 2000
- The Agbar Tower in Barcelona, 2005

Over 140 people collaborate with Jean Nouvel in six major cities, from New York to Barcelona and London, currently working on a series of different new projects all over the world. Among them, there is the new Paris Philharmonic Building next to the Cité de la Musique, the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi or the >>> 75-storey tower next to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Pritzker Prize Jury, which also includes renowned architects like Renzo Piano explained in its laudation: “In the case of Jean Nouvel, we particularly admire the spirit of the journey—persistence, imagination, exuberance, and, above all, an insatiable urge for creative experimentation—qualities that are abundant in the work of the 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate.”
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