Liangzhu Culture Museum by David Chipperfield Architects opens in Hangzhou, China

After five years of design and construction work, the Liangzhu Culture Museum has been opened. The scheme is part of a wider project to create a new town, the Liangzhu Cultural Village, and was developed with ZTUDI, the Architectural Design and Research Institute at Zhejiang University of Technology.
The Liangzhu Culture Museum houses a collection of archaeological findings from the Liangzhu culture, also known as the Jade culture.
It is set on a former industrial site, which was landscaped by Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten. The 9,500 sq m project consists of four 18 metre wide volumes made of cream and tan-coloured travertine stone, varying in length and height. Five interior courtyards connect the exhibition halls and a bridge to the south of the main building provides access to an island, which hosts a further exhibition space.

“We felt that abstract geometry and linear spaces were quite sensible for this project,” explains Chipperfield. “Since it is a museum, and is an exploratory environment, we wanted to create a sequence of indoor and outdoor spaces that would take visitors on a journey through an ancient culture.“
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