07.07.2014 Nina Shell

Like a Mirage: a Vantage Point in Scotland

Aside from scenery, hikers in this idyllic area of Scotland don't expect to see much. This makes it all the more impressive when they discover this small cabin. Architects: Angus Ritchie, Daniel Tyler
Location: between Loch Voil and Loch Doine, 500 ft. from hotel Monacholy Mhor, Lochearnhead, Perthshire FK19 8PQ, UK
Architecture students Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler have recently completed this vantage point, a small reflective structure created as part of the Scottish Scenic Routes initiative.
Near Loch Lomond in bucolic Trossachs National Park, the cabin largely escapes perception - until visitors approach the wood-clad windows and the doorways. Ritchie and Tyler, both master's students at Glasgow's Strathclyde University, first built the window frames and transported them to the park. There, they applied the stainless-steel sheets to the plywood structure. In order to save both money and materials, they used standard sizes, which ultimately determined the shape of their cube-like creation.
Visiting the site on 20 June 2014, on of the sheets on the backside has fallen off in the meanwhile but guests and sheeps still have a lot of fun with all the various reflections and sights.
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