Metro Cable in Caracas

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Language: English, in parts Spanish with English subtitles; Runtime: 8 min.

This short film documents a new and revolutionary approach to urban planning. Located within one of Caracas largest and least accessible barrios, the new cable car system is integrated within the Metro System of Caracas. Designed by Urban-Think Tank, the Metro Cable of San Agustin is 2.1 km in length and employs gondolas holding 8 passengers each. The Metro Cable’s capacity allows for the movement of 1,200 people per hour in each direction.

The suggestion made by Urban Think Tank to build a cable-car line to link the favelas with the public transport system was initially rejected by town planners, who wanted to connect the illegal settlements to the city by building roads. This would have resulted in the destruction of social networks, however. When UTT's idea reached the ears of Hugo Chavez, the president of state, the project was made a matter of urgency and executed by the city itself.

Architects: Urban Think Tank
Directed by: Alfredo Brillembourg & John Frankfurt
Edited by: David Frankfurt & John Frankfurt
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