Office Building in Kempten

The architects installed their office in a dilapidated building dating in part from the 11th century. The house was made a listed structure only in the course of the restoration work as its historical quality emerged. The principal feature internally is the old walling in stone and brickwork, which was sandblasted after removal of the plaster. To heighten the effect of the large wall areas, they were kept free of staircases and fittings, and the use of partitions was minimized. The dark asphalt flooring and restrained furnishings create a peaceful working atmosphere. The simple load-bearing structure, consisting of the old outer walls and timber-beamed floors, was retained. A new downstand beam and slender columns in steel halve the seven-metre floor span. The building has been completely modernized in terms of energy and technical installations. A composite thermal insulation system with new windows was applied externally. The historical substance was touched as little as possible. Services and the like were installed in the floor or in the new plasterboard partitions.
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