Opening of W-A Bookshop in Cracow

Quotation of Kwasek's speech: "Especially for you we manage to choose the best books not only from Poland, but the whole world. We visit book fairs in London, Frankfurt. We know the publishers personally and we have good contacts with them. Thanks to such workings each best title of a book can be found on the pages of our site and later at different salesmen. I hope that this will develop in the same pace as it does now and soon we will reach the magical number of 10,000 titles on architecture and related fields of projecting."
In 2002, Kazimierz Kwasek in a group of several enthusiast hit on an idea of creating an online architecture department which after years has become a well-known internet portal and a bookshop. The business run inpidually, one can say family is well-known for many people from the architectural and design branch. End of 2010, the official opening of the W-A Bookshop was held in the Gallery of the Association of Architects in Cracow (Pl. Szczepanski 6) where since 2010 the bookshop has been located. Within less than two hours the SARP Gallery was visited by more than 150 people what without any doubt was a record, many latecomers had to stay outside during the official part of speeches. The President of SARP Cracow, Piotr Gajewski, made the official introduction, the presentation of the first-night book called "An architect beyond architecture” was performed together by Krystyna Lyczakowska and Marta Urbanska, and Kazimierz Kwasek tried to co-ordinate the whole event.
DETAIL partner Kazimierz Kwasek simultaneously celebrated the opening of his new W-A Bookshop and the 8th anniversary of his architectur internet portal www.w-a.pl.
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