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Primary School in Munich

Architects: Fink + Jocher, D–München
Structural engineering: AJG Ingenieure, D–München
1:5000 Site plan
1:1000 Floorplan
1:1000 Section
1:20 Horizontal Section
1:20 Vertical Section
In order not to impair the view of the nearby park and the daylighting of the adjoining housing, this school was designed as an elongated, single-storey structure articulated by five open courtyards. The crenellated form of the facade was constructed with insulated, prefabricated concrete sandwich units in three different colours, permitting a swift construction process independent of weather conditions. Despite the 240 different units, this solution also proved to be the most economical. Lightweight partitions, only a few load-bearing internal columns, plus an in-situ concrete roof allow flexible spatial configurations, which is of relevance in view of sinking number of pupils and a possible change of use in the future.
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