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Refurbishment Manual student price

Maintenance, reconversions, extensions
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Author: Georg Giebeler, Rainer Fisch, Harald Krause, Florian Musso, Karl-Heinz Petzinka, Alexander Rudolphi
Format: Paperback - 23 x 29.7 cm

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An indispensable planning aid when working with old buildings
Contemporary analysis of building construction

Refurbishment, building preservation, (building) modernisation, restoration, preservation of historic buildings and monuments, (interior) upgrades, reconstruction, renovation, rebuilding, conversion, (energy) refurbishment, (building) repairs, retrofitting – the list of concepts is virtually unending, but essentially they all revolve around one subject: working with 'old buildings'.

The Refurbishment Manual sheds light on this complex field: It defines concepts and terms, combines the narrowly focused perspectives of the specialists and offers concrete approaches to this wide-ranging topic.

The Refurbishment Manual closes the gap between basic constructional literature and one-sided, highly specialised technical literature. Once again reflecting the well known quality of the Construction Manuals, it constitutes a practical planning aid on the subject of refurbishment, providing a basic introduction to the relevant aspects of building physics, fire protection, sustainability and energy, hazardous materials, construction materials for interiors and façades, historical preservation and technical building equipment. It offers concrete tips on planning steps, methods of building analysis and cost benchmarks as well as clear constructional solutions, giving built projects as examples.
A unique feature of this volume is the specially developed timeline, which allows the planner to quickly grasp, categorize and evaluate a specific building task, thereby obtaining an efficient planning overview.

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