Solar "filling station" opened in Bozen

Filling-up without the smell of petrol for once and, on top of that, neutrally in respect of the effect on the climate. With the "E-Move Charging Station" in Bozen, the first prototype of a new kind of solar filling station for city traffic was inaugurated. The project of the Bozen entrepreneur Valentin Runggaldier is intended to enable up to eight vehicles to be charged at the same time. Electrically operated cars and scooters as well as the two-wheel "Segway" rollers and even mobile phones and other electrical devices can be connected. Eight mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules, which together supply 1.76 kWp of solar power have been installed on the pitched roof of the prototype. The initiators estimate that, over the year, the filling station will have a total output of around 2000 kWh of electricity.

At the moment, the first prototype is going through a test phase and, once this has been completed successfully, the modules are to be marketed throughout Europe. Operators of the charging stations could then be private companies, municipal authorities or car rental agencies. Payment is to be made by mobile phone or credit card in a way similar to that used for the rented bicycles that are currently being installed everywhere in Europe's large cities.
South Tyrol gets serious about solar mobility: The "E-Move Charging Station", a pilot project of the Bozen entrepreneur Valentin Runggaldier, is to supply electrically operated bicycles, scooters, cars and even mobile phones with the necessary "fuel" from the sun. The solar charging stations were designed by Michael Scherer from Brixen.
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