Steven Holl Architects wins Copenhagen "LM Project" Competition

At a press conference in Copenhagen last week, it was announced that Steven Holl Architects is the winner of the international design competition, “The LM Project.” The winning proposal connects office towers and civic spaces with a public walkway 65 meters above the harbour and is intended to form an iconic landmark for Copenhagen’s waterfront.

The design is based on a concept of two towers carrying two bridges at two orientations. The geometry of the towers, which both have high performance glass curtain walls with a veil of solar screens made of photovoltaics, was influenced by the shape of the historic Langenlinie site, a berth for decades. A public deck includes cafes and galleries and can be reached by wide public stairs or escalators. Each tower carries its own cable-stay bridge that is a public passageway between the two piers. The bridges meet at an angle over the harbour.
Copenhagen’s former mayor Jens Mikkelsen, the chairman of the jury, praised the design for combining “the esthetical, the functional, and the business minded” and added that “the winning proposal is architecture in high, high class.”
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