Temporary Airport Terminal in Vienna

Erected on a parking deck as an interim solution until the first phase of Vienna’s airport extension is completed in 2009, Terminal 1A – 51 x 29 m on plan – consists of a conventional steel structure with a translucent skin of polycarbonate hollow cellular slabs on all sides. Depending on the functions of the spaces within, the outer skin is supplemented at certain points by an internal plasterboard stud wall, which creates multilayered effects. Printed on the facade are aircraft logos, numerals and lettering; and shimmering through the wall on the inside is an indistinct pattern of grasses that seem to move. These were printed on a film that was applied to the panels at works. The polycarbonate slabs over the full area of the light-diffusing soffit look the same as the facade panels, but they are made up of four instead of six layers, since they do not have to incorporate insulation. That is provided in the roof construction. To prevent the panels slipping out of position in the event of deformation caused by fire, point fixings were foreseen at 90 cm centres. The building is fully air conditioned and dehumidified by means of a district-heating system. Overall, the 38 cm thermal insulation in the roof construction (U = 0.15 W/m2K) makes up for the greater thermal losses through the walls (U = 1.1 W/m2K). After the removal of the structure in 2009, further use is foreseen for it in the form of a warehouse.
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