The passive house - an outdated concept or suitable for export?

The Passivhaus Institut (Passive House Institute) in Darmstadt estimates the number of passive houses built around the world to be 17,500, 13,000 of which are in Germany alone. In Germany and Austria, the passive house has progressed beyond its pioneering phase. Similarly rigorous energy standards have been tried out in Switzerland (Minergie-P) and northern Italy (KlimaHaus Gold) and there are many passive houses in Belgium, Scandinavia and the Czech Republic as well as initial projects in France, the UK, Ireland, Spain, South Africa and the US.
More information on passive houses in the different countries can be found at: country                      organization                             website ATIG                          IG Passivhaus                    www.igpassivhaus.at BE                             Passiefhuis-Platform          www.passiefhuisplatform.be CH                             Minergie                            www.minergie.ch CH                             IG Passivhaus                   www.igpassivhaus.ch CZ                        Centrum pasivniho domu       www.pasivnidomy.cz D                              Passivhaus Institut            www.passiv.de DK                            Passivhus.dk                      www.passivhus.dk GB               Building Research Establishment    www.passivhaus.org.uk HU                            PAOSZ                               www.passzivhaznap.info IT                             KlimaHaus                          www.klimahausagentur.it IT                             Centro di Fisica Edile          www.tbz.bz IT                           Passivhaus Südtirol (BZ)      www.igpassivhaus.it IRL                           BRE Ireland                        www.breireland.ie IRL                           My Passive House              www.mypassivehouse.com FR                      La Maison Passive France        www.lamaisonpassive.fr FR                            Minergie France                  www.minergie.fr FR                            Effinergie                            www.effinergie.org NL                            Passiefbouwen.nl               www.passiefbouwen.nl NL                            PH Holland Stichting           www.passisefhuis.nl PL                            Dom Pasywny                     www.domy-pasywne.pl RO                           AMVIC Casa viitorului          www.amvic.ro SE                           Passivhusdagarna               www.passivhusdagarna.se SP               Plataforma Edificación Passivhaus   www.plataforma-pep.org SK         Inštitút pre energeticky pasívne domy  www.iepd.sk USA                    Passive House Institute           www.passivehouse.us
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