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Theatre and Concert Hall in ­Kristiansand

Architects: ALA Architects, FIN–Helsinki
Structural engineering: Multiconsult, N–Kristiansand

1:4000 Site plan
1:1250 Floor plans
1:1250 Sections
1:20 Sections
Initially, the planners translated the architects’ design into a mathematically precise ruled surface between a straight top edge and a wave-like bottom edge. The purpose of this was to ensure the straight-line layout of all boards and joints. With the aid of a specially created parametric CAD model, the planners finally defined the approximately 14,000 individual parts as well as all connections. Each of the elements suspended from the steel structure consists of two straight and numerous curved beams in laminated timber. Fixed to these members are as many as 180 wooden boards that are not curved, but that are laid out in a conical arrangement.
The building components were manufactured in various places in Norway and Switzerland. With the aid of self-aligning connection details, they were joined to form large-scale elements and finally transported by ship to Kristiansand, where they were assembled.
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