UNIQUE- Multikino Zlote Tarasy

A cinema unlike any other in Warsaw. Located in Warsaw Zlote Tarasy commercial center, it is a unique place, designed by Robert Majkut.
The brand new cinema is located in the Z?ote Tarasy commercial centre, has an auditorium seating 777 and the largest screen in Poland.
It is a unique place, both in terms of the design and technical solutions. All halls are equipped with state-of-the-art projection equipment and the best sound system, which exists at the moment.

Robert Majkut, one of the leading Polish designers was invited by the Multikino company (ITI Group) to co-operate on the interior design. The design combines a detailed interior design and an entire visual identification design for the complex including a whole non-interchangeable corporate identity.

Majkut said: "My inspiration is interactive architecture, the interpenetration of the outer and inner worlds, the interaction between the environment and the user, changes driven by light, colour vibrations and balancing on the edge of the unknown. All of that is incorporated in this extraordinary design. I would like the magic of the cinema to revive.”
The facility is designed as a combination of two styles: modern forms and shapes with a decorative and slightly archaising ornamentation. It quotes patterned Renaissance and Baroque fabrics, old-school wallpapers, tattoo aesthetics and tendencies seen in modern, avant-garde publishing design. The multi-storey interior adds functionality to the development facilitating a unique premiere hall, seven other auditoria, a VIP zone and also a music club. The spaciousness of the location is highlighted by a stunning Warsaw panorama seen through a three-storey window. With the purple, the black and the red colour used in this space and combined with individually designed LED lighting elements, an unusual impression occurs.
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