Villa expansion in Gauting

The villa, built in 1890, is situated on a large, park-like hillside property in the town centre of Gauting in the vicinity of Munich. The existing construction of the listed building has been maintained to a large degree, despite multiple renovations. However, it was in a detrimental condition. In the course of diligently renovating the building, its original character was ­restored, the facade repaired according to historic preservation requirements, and the spatial structure returned to its original configuration. The new built elements on the interior as well as the exterior are designed in a clear and ­restrained manner: a light, unadorned metal canopy above the entrance, a garage cube clad in silver fir louvres, and the new addition on the garden level, constituting a transition between the landscape and the base of the villa. The addition was built in place of the ­deteriorating retaining wall that supported the terrace.
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