Charging station by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture.

Photo credits: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture.

The Swedes have long since enjoyed a reputation for being leaders in sustainability, so it comes as little surprise to see an emerging archetype, in the form of an electric vehicle charging station, proposed for the city of Gothenburg. Based on the premise that to charge an electric vehicle will take some 15 – 20 minutes, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have designed the building to host a range of other functions in support of the overarching theme; health and sustainability. The building is to be constructed from locally sourced FSC certified timber. It has a mono-pitch roof that is covered in photovoltaic cells thus providing as much energy from renewable sources as possible. The station can service cars, motorcycles, and electric bicycles. Cars are separated from the two wheel vehicles for reasons of safety and would charge on the upper level. Each station would come in one of three sizes and would include, a bicycle repair shop, an outdoor gym, free WIFI and a cafe with some outdoor garden. Gratitude to AECCafe.
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