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Exhibitions and Displays

Museum design concepts, brand presentation, trade-fair design
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Publishing date: 2009
Format: - 23 x 29.7 cm
ISBN: 9783764399559
Publishing Company: Christian Schittich
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The art of staging in interior spaces | Architectural concepts for attracting attention

The terms exhibitions and displays imply an offensive and extrovert attitude. This attitude should, of course, be inherent in exhibition and museum concepts, trade fair stands and shops.

The term exhibitions focuses on the concept of staging content in an interior space. In contrast, displays represents the concept of provision, offering. Here, for everything from a fashion boutique to a trade fair appearance, the design of which essentially conveys its corporate identity, the commercial side places a considerable role.

Both positions demand the attention of the visitor, both involve the transfer of information to a wide public audience, both place emphasis on staging and require suitable architectural concepts for this. These days, along with the challenging task of an exhibition concept, the planner frequently has to face additional full-service requirements from the briefing and CI design up to and including implementation itself. How this is achieved is explained in short articles by authors from the individual fields. This valuable professional information, backed up with comprehensive project examples, details the way in which plans are successfully put into practice. 

This issue of In DETAIL focuses on interior design, thereby representing an enriching supplement to the previous title Interior Surfaces and Materials.

- Scenography, museum layout
- Transport of brand image, corporate identity
- Corporate architecture
- Trade fair design, event architecture
- Individual solutions with demand for high quality

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