Parking-Deck Canopy in Linz

A lightweight steel-and-membrane construction was developed, which, in case a parking garage is built, can be disassembled quickly and set up again on another site. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the construction of the entire roof took just 4 weeks. The structure consists of a steel framework with 15 rectangular fields measuring 11 ≈ 18 m each; they were assembled to a great extent on the ground and hoisted to the exact height. Each field was then suspended from a column by 6 tension rods and 6 compression rods. The membranes arrived on site fashioned in a ring shape; prior to the assembly of the steel construction, the membranes were placed around the columns and were later drawn into place. After they were attached to the steel-frame construction with keder rails, the textile funnels were tightened with threaded rods. PVC-coated polyester fabric was selected for the outermost layer. The inner membrane hides the steel: The shadows cast on the membrane change over the course of a day and only hint at the actual structure’s appearance.

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