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Interiors Construction Manual - Hardcover

Integrated planning, finishings and fitting-out, technical services
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Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Autor: Gerhard Hausladen, Karsten Tichelmann, Wolfgang Brune (Introduction)
Format: Hardcover - 23 x 29.7 cm
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Planning aid for post shell construction design | Interdisciplinary thoughts on the link between shell and room.

Football stadiums, airports, theatres and museums – such spectacular construction works are rarely daily routine for most architects. Much more common day-to-day work comprises overlooked designs such as reconstruction, finishings, expansions or new construction of single or multi-family homes, schools, institutes, offices, etc. Yet, no matter what shape the construction work takes, an expansion always presents a big qualitative and aesthetic challenge and demands specific expertise. After all, when the work is finished, this is the space which will be lived in and used by the occupant and whose aesthetic and functional usability will be put to the test day after day.

Unfortunately, the training of classical structural engineering architects does not often convey, or only in passing, this extensive and responsible field of activity. With the Interiors Construction Manual, the designer is presented with a practical aid, which consolidates all essential facts about expansions in the proven DETAIL construction manual format. The designer can use the manual on a daily basis during their work in the form of a reference book for relevant norms, regulations, key details and clear construction solutions using completed projects as examples.

The manual delivers practical planning aids regarding expansions – namely in the form of a relevant basic evaluation of construction physics, fire protection, general requirements, expansion systems or openings – all in established DETAIL quality. Concrete advice about integral planning stages, sustainability and energy aspects, interior materials and how to plan lighting rounds out the publication.

• Basic evaluation and specific expertise for interior works
• Everything concerning current expansion systems (ceilings, walls, floors)
• Relevant norms, guidelines and key details
• Clear construction solutions using completed projects as examples
• Concrete advice about integral planning stages, sustainability and energy aspects
• Interior materials
• How to plan lighting

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