Administration Building in Nyon, Switzerland

The building was designed to accommodate the 110-strong UEFA staff, with additional spaces for conferences, receptions and exhibitions. The 82-metre-long structure, which is set between a road and the shore of Lake Geneva, divides the site into two terraced garden levels. The dominant feature is a limestone-paved roof terrace covering almost the entire length of the building and supported by a steel structure. Glass balustrades to the long faces ensure that the magnificent views of the lake and the Alps remain unimpeded. The three main storeys of the building are laid out around central circulation zones that extend over the full length of the block. A skylight in the roof and glazed strips in the intermediate floors allow ample light to enter these interior areas. The fully glazed long faces of the building also afford splendid views out and are screened against glare and insolation by an unobtrusive sunblind installation.
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