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An advance look at the trade fair

The flat roof has become a utility roof; grassed, it can become an open space for residents and employees. Where this isn't possible or desired, photovoltaic systems, air-conditioning systems and heat exchangers are installed on the roof. This means that increasingly complex penetrations and details are needed on flat roofs, and the use of liquid plastics has become indispensable. Bauder has developed the BauderLIQUITEC liquid plastic sealing system for complex details, which can be combined with all the company's plastic and bitumen membranes.
Hall 6, Stand 6.518,6.531

In Cologne, Alwitra will introduce its Evalon dual f+ roofing and waterproofing membrane for single-layer mechanical fastening. The company will also present its new MAG-4/ MAG-6 product family from the aluminium roof-edge coverings segment. What's special about the system are the holders which meet static requirements even for wide wall copings, and which enable self-supporting roof-edge coverings to be fixed in accordance with the guidelines. Finally, Evalon Solar will present cSi, a solar roofing membrane with semi-flexible PV modules from crystalline silicon solar cells.
Hall 8, Stand 8.109

Duraproof technologies will present two innovations for roof sealing: NovoProof DA-FG is the first single-layer EPDM roofing membrane with glass fabric lamination, and NovoProof DA-SK is a self-adhesive EPDM roofing membrane that is used where mechanical fastening in the surface or laying with ballast isn't possible.
Hall 8, Stand 8.403

Roof renovation
With GIFAfloor Presto, Knauf Integral offers a new system for the renovation of old wooden beam ceilings. Ceiling construction with system elements made of GIFAtec gypsum fibre material means that no work needs to be carried out on the underside.
Hall 7, Stand 7.509

Timber construction
best wood Schneider's CLT ceiling elements are precisely manufactured by computer to meet the requirements of timber construction. In addition, the cross-laminated plywood ceilings can be coated at the plant with silicate paints in eight different colours.
Hall 7, Stand 7.313

In Cologne, Lignotrend will celebrate the premiere of its new surface profile Ligno Akustik 3D. With it, acoustic strip profiles enter the third dimension and bring visual movement into the design of acoustically-effective real-wood surfaces.
Hall 7, Stand 7.507

Roof and facade covering
With the new Siding.X, Prefa is bringing the optically-variable surface design of the FX.12 facade panels to the previously smooth sidings. Siding.X, whether installed vertically with a shadow gap, horizontally, individually or in a cross brace, also enlivens the siding facade and creates a visually-exciting surface.
Hall 6, Stand 6.115

Erlus will put the spotlight on its Ergoldsbach E 58 RS: The considerable profile height of the circular interlocking, with triple top and side seams and a direct channel flow, protects the roof against driving rain, while the substructure remains dry. Consequently, with this roof tile there is no need for costly additional rainfall-protection measures even with low roof pitches.
Hall 6, Stand 6.119

Rathscheck introduces a new roof and facade covering system. The rectangular slate plates are as easy and quick to lay as tile roofing and require a similar substructure. Another special feature is that photovoltaic elements can be integrated into the system, with this integration being largely fully scaleable.
Hall 6, Stand 6.502


Alwitra, Hall 8, Stand 8.109; photo: manufacturer

BauderLIQUITEC, Hall 6, Stand 6.518, 6.531; photo: manufacturer

best wood Schneider, Hall 7, Stand 7.313; photo: manufactuerer

Duraproof technologies, Hall 8, Stand 8.403; photo: manufacturer

Erlus, Hall 6, Stand 6.119; photo: manufacturer

Knauf, Hall 7, Stand 7.509; photo: manufacturer

Lignotrend, Hall 7, Stand 7.507; Grafik: manufacturer

Prefa, Hall 6, Stand 6.115; photo: manufacturer

Rathscheck, Hall 6, Stand 6.502; photo: manufacturer

BauderLIQUITEC, Halle 6, Stand 6.518, 6.531 Foto: Hersteller

Alwitra, Halle 8, Stand 8.109 Foto: Hersteller

Duraproof technologies, Halle 8, Stand 8.403 Foto: Hersteller

Knauf, Halle 7, Stand 7.509 Foto: Hersteller

best wood Schneider, Halle 7, Stand 7.313 Foto: Hersteller

Lignotrend, Halle 7, Stand 7.507 Grafik: Hersteller

Prefa, Halle 6, Stand 6.115 Foto: Hersteller

Erlus, Halle 6, Stand 6.119 Foto: Hersteller

Rathscheck, Halle 6, Stand 6.502 Foto: Hersteller

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