Architects' relief project begins well in Ghana

Augustenstraße 54
80333 Munich
In May, a ship with donations reached Ghana. On-board were 20 computers complete with different accessories, two printers, sports equipment, as well as other items for the St Catherine Senior Sigh School for Girls. The German embassy in Accra has helped add guttering and water tanks to the dining hall by donating 15,000 Cedis, around €7,100. AddYouCation would like to thank all sponsors, organisers and donators: Sky Deutschland – especially Michaela Franz; Xerox in Neuss; iits in Oldenburg; the Schwarzenfeld school and its head teacher Helmut Schuster; Matthias Kiener; and Ute Barzel.
According to the Keta-Akatsi diocese, pupils at the newly constructed campus in Agbakope are happy. Thanks to new sponsorship, which is managed by the diocese and the school, 15 girls from years 10 and 11 have been receiving a monthly support of €30.
The “AddYouCation” initiative from Herrn Architekten to build a senior high school for girls has been making good progress. In July 2011, 165 girls completed their third term.
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