Baker's Shop and Café in Hamburg

Situated on the ground floor of an Art Nouveau building dating from 1905, the rooms of this baker’s shop and café – which had been disfigured by numerous alterations in the past – have been restored to their original character. The architectural concept sought to minimize changes to the historical substance and to integrate the additions in such a way as to create a harmonious whole. The restrained spatial design is distinguished by glass counter units and steel multifunctional shelving. The transparent façade affords visitors to the café direct visual contact with the street. A limited number of materials were used – maple, steel, stainless steel, stone and glass – and special attention was paid to their surface treatment. The gleaming steel shelves, for example, are contrasted with the naturally cleft slates to the rear wall, while the polished gabbro slabs to the counters harmonize with the smooth glass. The steel shelving system is based on a 122 ? 61 cm modular grid – designed to accommodate three baking trays side by side. Various functional elements such as doors, drawers and flaps can be attached to the basic tubular steel supporting system. The spots and suspended ceiling lamps, designed as recessed fittings, were left exposed in the public areas.
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