Bar in Vila Nova de Gaia

„Ar de Rio“ is the newest of a number of bar pavilions situated along the banks of the Douro with a view towards the historic city center of Porto. All pavilions follow the basic principle of minimal use of design elements and simple means of construction. A new addition for „Ar de Rio“ was requested, which resulted in the development of a new kind of pavilion module. Its structural system, a frame made of honeycomb-like welded steel panels, spans the length of the module and creates a frame for the sensational view towards the river and the city. Only 40 cm strong, it spans the entire room length of 24 m. Large glazed areas define the building envelope. Via sliding rails, the room height glazing can be opened to the exterior. Depending on climatic conditions, the space protects its users from the weather or opens itself on warm days towards the river and enriches the overall expression of the other modules with its interplay of openness and enclosure.
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