Bodegas Protos Winery

The construction of the Bodegas Protos Winery in Peñafiel has been finished. The building of Winery designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners began in Spring 2005.

Following the excavation of the site, the 13 metre high in-situ concrete perimeter walls and foundations started to be constructed whilst the pre-cast concrete structural elements were being fabricated. The design of the system implied that all the generic elements were placed in position without requiring the use of temporary support structures. This innovative structural system has allowed a rapid assembly and the 19,500 sqm concrete frame of the base of the building - cellar, mezzanine and production levels – reached completion within nine months.

The first arch of the light structure was erected in February 2006. The design of the delicate roof structure was also based on off site industrialised fabrication and simple and rapid in-situ assembly. This modular system starts with laminated timber arches that span 18 metres across the access level, with triangular steel base connections to the concrete structure. A series of 'V' and tensors separate the arches from the parabolic vaults, which are composed of secondary and tertiary beams and a multilayered roof panel. Again, the design of the structural system allowed most of the structure to be free-standing in intermediate phases of the construction process and was completed in May 2006. With the major structural elements in place, construction of the facades and internal partitions, services and wine making machinery, light structures such as glass and steel stairs and bridges, finishes and fit-out elements has now begun. The building programme is due to be completed by Spring 2008.
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