Book of Recipes for New Experience Worlds

Alongside the apartment and the workplace, created living space represents a city’s »third place«. It used to be the Viennese coffee house, the Italian piazza or the corner shop; today it is the flagship stores, shops and museums. Their design is always the same: rope people in, lead them around, build hooks and create curiosity. Whether it is an insinuated story or a surprise effect, the psychological effect of experience is always activated: brain scripts – the creation of stories and messages; or media literacy – medial skill. The experience creation follows a strict pattern that is typical for all new worlds of experience: be a landmark; activate Malling; have a concept line and allure with core attractions – these are always the four pillars of the ‘third place’. This ‘recipe book’ has universal validity, regardless of whether you are considering a brand landscape like VW’s »Autostadt«’, an urban entertainment centre like the casinos in Las Vegas, a concept store in Soho or a museum with a spectacular atrium.
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