Bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice

Completed at long last: Impressions of »Italy’s Longest Bridge«.In addition pictures and plans.

A new fourth bridge now spans the Canal Grande, Venice’s principal traffic artery. The elegantly curving, long-span, steel-arch structure links two of Venice’s most bustling squares: The majority of her visitors pass through the square in front of the train station or Piazzale Roma, with its parking garages and bus terminal. Consequently, it also constitutes a gateway. The design was sharply criticized from the start, particularly by the Venetians themselves. The bridge was deemed too modern and not up to snuff in terms of accessibility. Others claimed that it is in the wrong location or is totally superfluous. The planning and construction lasted more than nine years. Problems arose associated with the instable ground conditions and the budget. Open to the public since September, Calatrava’s bridge comes across as less conspicuous and more forthright than these negative reports in the media would have us believe. Architect: Santiago Calatrava

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