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Building for the Community in Vienna

New communal forms of cohabitation
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German / English
Publishing date: February, 2021
Author: Isabella Marboe (Hrsg.)
Format: hardcover - 23 x 30 cm
ISBN: 9783955535292
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The presented residential projects in Vienna originated from a desire to develop living concepts that strengthen the sense of community and contribute to a society based on solidarity - building groups and participative projects, neighbourhood homes, temporary or permanent social forms of living and working for marginalised groups such as the homeless. Private homes can be downsized if there are more communal spaces. This reduces the need for land and property and gives the community room for leisure and other opportunities. Ulrike Schartner and Alexander Hagner from gaupenraup+/- explain the starting point and strategies of their work. Robert Temel and Isabella Marboe present the development of communal forms of building and living based on important precursors and trends.

- Differentiated presentation of various approaches to building for the community in Vienna
- Introduction and contextualisation of current structural designs based on significant projects

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