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Housing in Japan

Typologies for small spaces
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German / English
Publishing date: 2018
Format: hardcover - 19 x 23,5 cm
ISBN: 9783955533168
Publishing Company: Christian Schittich
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Also published in this series: Timber Structures in Vorarlberg

In the densely populated urban areas of Japan, small houses with unusual spatial concepts and surprising layout solutions are emerging on narrow strips of land that would normally be considered unsuitable for home construction. Yet it’s not only this sense of space, but also the sensory use of materials and a feel for aesthetics skilfully combined with traditional elements that have fascinated architects outside of Japan. The fact that most of the constructive solutions do not correspond to Central European standards is irrelevant: It’s the innovative approaches that serve as a source of inspiration.

This volume presents the latest developments in residential projects from recent years. In addition to lavish photospreads and layout depictions, a selection of detailed solutions are presented that can be adapted to western standards.

- Inspiring typologies for detached homes and blocks of flats
- Background behind Japanese lifestyle decor and architecture

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