"Building green" goes east

The rapid growth of Green Building Councils in this part of Europe is a strong indicator that investors, green building solution providers and consumers have dramatically increased their interest in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible future. "The Green Building movement is a market-driven initiative in each national country. Strengthening collaboration between Green Building Councils accelerates the development of the market at a more regional level and creates more opportunities for building green better and faster." said Jane Henley, Chief Executive of the World Green Building Council. "Protecting our planet and creating better buildings and with it, green jobs, will require better collaboration among countries in this region. This is what we are trying to do with this conference", said Steven Borncamp, President of the Romania Green Building Council and Chairperson of the Build Green Central & Eastern Europe event committee.
The event highlighted the significant potential of building green in Central and Eastern Europe and was intended by the organizers to set the next steps for better collaboration among those stakeholders promoting a sustainable construction industry.
Fourteen Green Building Councils throughout Europe are working together to promote sustainable construction principles. Together they have been part of a conference which presented the growing market for green building technology, materials and expertise in the countries of the Central & Eastern European region. Experts from Green Building Councils from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Bulgaria presented independent analysis to provide a better understanding of the market conditions and opportunities for building green in their countries.

For two days, April 15 and 16, over 200 green building specialists and enthusiasts gathered in Budapest to share knowledge about the market opportunities of building „green“, important legislation, fiscal incentives, building and professional certification initiatives and innovative materials and solutions specific to green buildings. Workshops were held on topics such as "Case Studies of Sustainable Design", "the Emerging Building Certifications of Europe", "Creating a Net-Positive Energy Building", and "Nanomaterials and Green Buildings".

Seven Green Building Councils have been formed in Central and Eastern Europe in the past two years and are in different stages of development gathering more than 500 member companies and organizations active in the region - currently involved with green building projects.
The second edition of Build Green CEE was organized this year in Budapest bringing together representatives of Green Building Councils and their member companies - developers, investors, providers of green solutions, academics and media representatives.
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