22.04.2020 Jakob Schoof

Building with the sun: Architectural Award for Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2020

Some construction tasks never become boring - because the challenges are great, but the range of possibilities is constantly growing. This is also the case with the integration of solar systems in buildings. The Architectural Award for Building-Integrated Solar Technology has been reflecting this development for 20 years. This summer it will be held for the eighth time and is once again open to entries from all over the world. The jury will award a total of 27,000 euros to outstanding buildings and student projects completed since 1 January 2017. Participation is still possible until 30.6.2020.

The tender documents are available on the website of the Bavarian Solar Energy Promotion Association: https://www.sev-bayern.de/2020/04/07/architectural-award-2020/

Aktiv-Stadthaus in Frankfurt
HHS Architekten Photo: Constantin Meyer

Internationale School in Copenhagen CFMoller Architects Poto: Adam Mork

Hof8, Weikersheim Architekturbüro Klärle Photo: Brigida Gonzalez  

https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/1/2/1239746400_114_600_587.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/g/i/gist-2020-TEASER-KLEIN_en.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/g/i/gist_2020_TEASER-GROSS_en.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image
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