Castle in Trevi, Italy

Occupying the site of a former Roman fort, the Caetani Castle in Trevi-in-Latium dates back roughly 1,000 years. It covers an area some 800 m2 in extent and is enclosed by crenellated walls, which, together with the keep, form the only surviving remains of the old castle. The floors and roof collapsed long ago. The rehabilitation and conversion programme proposed the accommodation of a tourist information centre, an archaeological museum and a hall for conferences and public uses. New ramps, bridges and staircases were inserted to provide a comprehensive circulation system. The use of steel for all load-bearing members establishes a clear contrast between the new elements and the historical substance. Metal gratings between the staircase landings and the walls stress the separation of the floors from the masonry, and the glass balustrades allow a clear view of the existing structure.
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