Cement Mosaic Tiles in the Style of the Times by VIA

Foto: Hersteller

Inspired by an old floor in a flat in Barcelona, the owners learned the craft of tile production in Catalonia and founded the company in Bacharach on the Middle Rhine in the late 1990s.

Cement bonded floor tiles from VIA have been used for true-to-the-original restorations, creation of interior designs, and new editions of prestigious patterns, such as the Gaudí exterior tile. In addition to special editions, the standard line meanwhile includes numerous motifs.

An example of a current project is the Hotel The Liberty in Bremerhaven. The front area of the adjoining gourmet restaurant is paved with tile ­No 711052, the rear area with tile No 710952. Skilfully arranged in a playful display of the diversity of the two models, the diamond pattern only becomes visible when turned. This creates a surface that is both homogeneous and variegated. viaplatten.de
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