25.08.2010 Peter Popp

Cité du Design - Observatory

Soundless; Runtime: 1 min.

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The Cité du Design, located in St. Etienne, is a new institution for communication, research and education. The project involves an observation tower. In 2006, it emerged as the first element to be established, directing the interaction between architecture, future programmes, public reception and opportunities of the site. Aside from the Bâtiment de l'Horloge, this tower, assembled on site, made the project known to Saint Etienne's population by offering a novel perspective on the town and becoming a notable landmark, identifiable with the Cité du Design. Located at the junction of different areas of the Manufacture, the Observatory shatters the apparent symmetry of the structures and the visual hierarchy between the façade and the production areas. Overlooking the other buildings, its elevation lets the process of building the Cité du Design be observed throughout the construction period. Today it has assured its place as a lookout.

LIN Finn Geipel and Giulia Andi, Berlin/Paris
with Cabinet Berger, St. Etienne
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