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»Concept« Housing for Seniors

The average age of the population in Western societies is rising steadily, sometimes faster than the age the individuals actually feel. Senior citizens, who are often full of vitality, have diverse conceptions of life. These are met by increasingly differentiated alternatives offering residential environments suitable for the later years of life. The designation of corresponding building projects as 50+ solutions can however give rise to a clash between the strategy of the housing industry and the target group’s perception of itself. Although the elderly generally wish to live in their own four walls for as long as possible, they tend to avoid considering the various available options.

The scope of the projects presented in DETAIL 9/2012 includes a multi-generation house with senior apartment sharing and family maisonettes, cooperatively organised house sharing, facilities for self-determined living in old age – with optional care as required – and homes with an increasing focus on meeting the needs of dementia patients.
DETAIL 9/2012 - »Concept« Housing for Seniors

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