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Conference Centre in Cartagena

Architects: selgascano, E–Madrid
Structural engineering: Fhecor, E–Madrid

M 1:1000 Sections
M 1:1000 Floor plans
M 1:20 Vertical sections

The foyer of the 200-metre-long structure flanking the coastal boardwalk possesses an array of ramps, benches and bridges. Translucent plastics in bright colours predominate. LED spotlights mounted along the the building’s entire length make it glow like a lantern at night. The structural shell is formed by steel trusses, which are clad on both sides with plastic, creating the effect of a double facade. The undulating elements are of weather-resistant methacrylate outside, and of fire-resistant polycarbonate inside. The plastic pipes – in shades of yellow, orange and white – are supported by laser-cut serrated rails.
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