Conference - Incorporating PV into building design

Solar power on buildings: Making money bei incorporating PV into building design - the aesthetically acceptable approach is the topic of a conference for Architects, Engineers, Developers, Planners, PV Designers, Installers, Distributors and Consultants at BRE, Watford UK, 20th October 2010.

The UK has not always been ‘plugged’ in to PV technology, particularly in comparison with other European countries that have strong, stable financial incentives. Following the introduction of Feed-in Tariffs in April 2010, now is the time for the UK construction industry to use PV technology to their advantage.

This comprehensive conference will examine the economics of BIPV, the available technologies, and their financial, architectural and certification aspects. Delegates will gain an understanding of the developments in Europe and their relevance to the UK, hearing from acknowledged experts in European organisations, as well as major UK installers and suppliers.
What's to learn at the conference?
• How to make PV systems an architectural feature
• How to earn income from Feed-in Tariffs by generating electricity
• An understanding of the 
  - Technology - Economics - Architectural & Certification requirements
• How BIPV can offset building material costs
• How to use PV building components: tiles, facades, roof laminates, glass structure
What are the other benefits of attending?
• A unique opportunity to meet and question leading manufacturers and experienced practitioners
• Major BIPV organisations from the UK and Europe will be presenting
• An exhibition of specially selected new products – including a new UK inverter manufacturer
• A visit to BRE’s world-renowned Innovation Park with full-scale examples of sustainable technologies and buildings
• The event counts as 7.5 hours of CPD, accredited by the Construction Providers Network and recognised by all major membership organisations
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